Replacing emmc chip with a larger one hp pro c640

So a while ago I got the chromebook mentioned in the title, did the patch and I have been running Linux on it since then, it has been a great experience.

However there is one downside, it only has 64 gb of emmc, causing me to be extremely cautious with what I install, A decently sized rust projects cache takes up a significant amount of disk space for example.

So I opened my chromebook again, found a SK hynix h26m74002hmr emmc chip.
So I did some looking around and found the SK hynix h26t87001cmr, it has the same package/ball grid and voltage levels.

In my mind I should be able to replace this chip, but one thing I am not sure about, is whether the size of the emmc chip is auto detected or if it has hard coded in the firmware.
I would like to know that it has a reasonable chance of detecting it properly before I get the hot air gun out.

You can replace the internal disk on Chromebooks that have nvme, and there’s no size checking in place. I doubt Emmc models have any sort of checking

nvme is a vastly different type of protocol, it uses pcie, whilst emmc (I believe) uses an SDIO bus. I know in my arm systems the size of the emmc is not determined by the dtb but I don’t know if this is the same for (U)EFI. I think it is, but not sure.

I’m aware nvme is a very different protocol lol, I stand by my original statement

I checked the specs on your chromebook, and since it’s emmc it can’t be replaced cause it’s embedded (embedded Multimedia Card) or soldered onto the board, but you have a sd card slot so you could buy a 1 or 2 tb sd card and store your projects on there, or get an external ssd and store your projects there.

I found the information on emmcs here: Is it possible to replace an eMMC hard drive on a laptop? and the review video here: With how pricey this model is, storage should be upgradable alongside everything else by default. Good luck and I hope you find a way to expand your storage.