Raise visibility of Linux recommendations

I see lots of people in the support area using Ubuntu. Perhaps the documentation could put the distro recommendations closer to the top or make them more prominent.

(Also, I am currently trialing Mint with a custom kernel AMDGPU=y and it works quite well except for the fact that the internal speakers aren’t recognized. Is the problem with Ubuntu the snaps?)

I have been using both Fedora Gnome and Arch (archinstall script) on my devices, and they run fine. I have an HP Dragonair and a Lenovo Morphius running these fine.
The Morphius has 8GB of RAM and a 128gb NVMe- its running Fedora after testing openSUSE. The Dragonair only has emmc so the install is on the emmc with the home folder being on a MicroSD card. Arch runs fine on it.

I am happily using NixOS on my dragonair. I’ve contributed some tweaks to the wiki to get audio working properly. The only thing that doesn’t work for me is the keyboard backlight.

@s31bz does the kb backlight work for you?

Currently in the documentation we have warnings for Ubuntu users along with a list of recommended distros.
(Installing Linux | Chrultrabook Docs)

Do you have any other things in mind that could improve reader visibility?

I’m currently out of town and away from the two Chrultrabooks I own, however I was unable to get the keyboard backlight working under Arch w/ KDE when I was testing it on Dragonair. I may test Fedora or Nix on it when I get back in town this upcoming week.

Update: in Arch KDE the backlight on the DRAGONAIR is toggle-able, but there’s no default keyboard shortcut for it

We can likely close out this topic though

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