Questions about CRAP

I used chrx for dual booting ChromeOS and another Linux distro on my Redrix. I think I should use GitHub - chrultrabook/crap: ChromeOS Automated Partitioning next time instead. I have a few questions about CRAP.

  • Is CRAP ready to be used?
  • Does CRAP create new partitions for Linux distros? Or does it leave some free space for the installers of the Linux distro to create partitions in?
  • How many differnet Linux distros can I install? Is there a limit (besides of course storage space limit)?
  • Will updating ChromeOS possibly break ChromeOS or an installed Linux distro?
  • Can I shrink and expand ChromeOS after installing a Linux distro (I am ok with using gparted to move a partition’s start)?

1: Yes
2: Leaves free space
3: Unlikely but you never know with google
4: Sounds like a great way to break something

I like to use p12 as /boot/efi so theoretically the limit for me in this case would be as many distros’ EFI executables that fit in 64MB.

I installed NixOS and created a 1GB /boot partition (p12) and the rest of the space is a / partition. Altfw kept trying to boot from p12. I solved the issue by deleting all of the files inside the p12 partition.