Question about HP Pro C640 performance on Windows 10

So im eyeing some secondhand HP C640 with i5 and 8g. Specs feels good enough for office, but im wondering if it can handle a little more. something like short video editing with capcut pc, light gaming like league of legends, etc…Also the compatibility with peripherals like gamepads, printers… can i update the igpu driver with the intel releases later ? or do i have to strictly follow the driver pack on coolstar ?

would greatly appreciate some experiences with this

Hey coldby,

While I’m not sure of the exact numbers, it seems to be a Comet Lake device so I would say your performance shouldn’t be too bad all-round, but I wouldn’t expect anything miraculous in terms of gaming/video-editing.

Peripherals that would otherwise work in Windows should still work on the Chromebook without issue. Drivers for those are reliant on manufacturers and shouldn’t be greatly affected by the device.

iGPU and Chipset drivers on that device (and all Chromebooks) are provided by Intel/AMD.

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Thank you so much.

It is a 10th gen Comet Lake device. i already know what to expect from a straight windows machine with those specs, so im not really concerned about much more than compatibility and possible performance degradation from 3rd party drivers.

You just gave me enough assurance to give it a go and dabble into this chromebook with windows scene. Again, thanks.

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I have a few of these C640s i5 and i7 variants-- performance is good overall (browsing/video watching/etc) – they just run hot when under heavy load - (talking light indie gaming not league of legends)
CometLake only has intel hd gpu if i’m not mistaken - but isnt bad if you can get one under $100 USD

if your looking into the $200-300 range (I wouldnt pay more than that) then just get an OSIRIS (Acer 516GE) - that should cover all of your requirements + has IRIS iGPU + a 120hz monitor + RGB keyboard -
no touch screen tho
however has good cooling +Fan to support High temp loads on Windows
Drive is also Nvme and swapable should you want more storage.

thanks for the recommendation. im getting them for kids though, so touchscreen is a must.