Putting HoloOS on a chromebook

So how would I go and put HoloOS on a chromebook, I have tried looking for a tutorial online to no avail.

Hey Mlen,

To start off, HoloISO isn’t one of our recommended/supported distros. I’d personally recommend just going with a normal distribution from said list and it’ll make your life easier in the end :slight_smile:.

To actually answer your question. You should definitely have a look at the docs if you haven’t already. I would assume, as long as HoloISO is using a recent enough kernel, it should be as simple as any other distributions (Refer to Linux Post Install)

Alright so tried putting it on, before seeing this message and all its stuck on is this

And when I unplug the battery it just boots into uefi mode asking me to select a boot drive

With the SQUASHFS errors you’re getting I would assume that either the ISO you downloaded (or the USB you wrote it to) is corrupt.

How would I go in fixing this

Redownload the ISO and try writing it to the USB again.