Old tech, new guy

Hi guys, newbie here with some old tech so excuse me if this isnt as interesting as i think it is. I have an old chromebook i dug out of a closet, and im trying to use it as a thin client for business needs. Long story short, im flush on screens and dont want to dish out for a laptop or a new thin client.

Im trying to run the latest version of chrome, but i cant update due to the lack of Chromebox support.

Anyway, i have an HP Chromebook CB1-014. Stock ChromeOS w/RW_Legacy. Zako boards. Removed the rewrite screw and installed the rabbit(?) UEFI shell. No problems there.

Yet not enough memory to install windows. Trying to avoid replacing that hardware, i went with a rufus to usb. Tried a bunch of combos, and some other software. I got it to the point where it will boot windows to install, but not run from the usb. Im also working with a small usb stick, 16 gigs. Cpuld be i need at least a 32.

Any ideas? Maybe a command prompt from the shell to boot from usb? I dont see why the hardware cant boot a basic OS, but im a total noob.

Thanks all

I don’t think you can use Windows 10 on 2GB of RAM.