Nyan Blaze Inquiry

Greetings, all. Let me start by saying that I know that ARM Chromebooks aren’t supported here yet. I’d just like to inquire about possibly supported distros or builds for this machine I was given by a neighbor.
It’s the Nyan Blaze NVIDIA K1-chip equipped HP chromebook and I was wondering if there is any support amongst other Linux distros for it?
I saw Elly mention postmarketOS for another device she’s working on here, but I’m wondering if this one has any support?

nyan-blaze is listed in the postmarketOS table. I believe it’s not being actively worked by any members of the chrultrabook project.

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hmm so perhaps I should contact those maintainers

Yeah none of us (chrultrabook) have any tegra chromebooks, but I know the pmos maintainer that does have one, I’ve worked with them on more chromebook support for pmos.

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Just for posterity, I’ll add the postmarketOS devices page for this device as a post here in case anyone comes across this post:

Hi, the only ARM64 Chromebooks we’re working on are MediaTek ones (especially MT8183/MT8186).
ARMv7 (32bit) ones are a bit too old, and anything with Qualcomm SoC is unobtainable in Europe (for instance, for the price of WORMDINGLER you can buy two MARKARTH’s with Ryzen 7000).
Situation looks a lot different in US but… yeah

Which ARM ones were you working on? I recently picked this back up and I’m casually working through building a postmarketOS install for it to install to microsd.

MT8183, MT8186, MT8192
Kukui/KRANE, Corsola/MAGNETON (and STEELIX), Asurada/HAYATO respectively

Wanna add that I am looking for a Cherry MT8195 atm to work an that aswell