No luck with AltBoot on Lenovo 14e Gen 3


I’m hoping to get RW_LEGACY boot mode working on a Lenovo Chromebook 14e Gen 3.
No luck so far. I’ve tried a few different distros on a USB drive

. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Rex

the previous screen

Ctrl+L ??

Yes, either Control-L or selecting Alternate Boot fails (single beep, failed, please see log file).
Shown is that log file, which indicates an error ‘segment type 45444f43 not implemented’, presumably from altfw/edk2.
I should check out the source code and find out what that means…

You should open an issue on the GitHub repo specifically for firmware issues.

I’m guessing its up to date but perhaps try to update it again?

It could be this

Will try older FW when i get a free moment.

Yep, that was it. Sorted now.