No audio - Debian 12

Hello, I recently bought a used Chromebook so I can install linux on it, everything went great, but then there was no audio. I quickly searched for this on google and found some scripts (GitHub - WeirdTreeThing/chromebook-linux-audio: Script to enable audio support on many Chrome devices) everything went great except that now I have to select amd64 in grub because chultrabook doesn’t work for me, well that’s not the problem. My friend also decided to buy a chromebook, we installed linux together and same issue here - no audio. I ran the scripts, they succeeded, but still no audio. I can’t find any more solution to that on google, so that’s why I’m asking here. The Chromebook is HP Chromebook 11 G8 EE.

As you’re aware Debian requires a custom kernel for working audio which is installed automatically, but Stoney Ridge Chromebooks like your friend’s require a (different) custom kernel on all distros. This is mentioned on Supported Devices and Platforms | Chrultrabook Docs

What do you mean? It just says “Supported” in Linux Notes. He said to me it’s just the 11 G8, on Intel Celeron N4…
Edit: Okay, so after a neofetch it seems like he got a bit scammed, because it is AMD cpu, so thanks for the reply

Also could you please give me some link to how to compile that custom kernel and then install it?
Edit: Or if somebody has an already compiled kernel that would be nice

Look through my post history for how to install it

i found something, but i cant understand it, could you give me some tutorial for begginers on how to install that?

Which part are you having trouble with?

Every. I’m not a complete noob in linux, but I am still a beginner, this is the thing I found:
I can’t understand a thing what to do there

To be honest, i even tried following those instructions and was confused as well, i still havent figured it out and its really frustrating that nobody can give clear instructions on how to do it or at least point me to a guide or video that can help.

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