Need help installing custom kernel

Hello, i have my barla ultrabook running debian 12( MX Linux 23) and everything seems to be running fine except for audio. I have the stoney ridge amd gpu which requires a custom kernel patch. I’ve already found the link for the patched stoney kernel but have no idea on how to install it? If someone can help me with info on how to install the patched kernel it would be greatly appreciated. Thanka

Hi! You’ll need to append the version number of the kernel to the end of the kernel file vmlinuz, move the renamed vmlinuz file to /boot, move the folder inside modules to /lib/modules, and generate a initramfs for this kernel. Assuming you’re using GRUB, run update-grub after you’ve done all that.

Thank you so much! I’ve been at it for days now lol will running update-grub generate a raminitfs afterwards? also do i need to do anything with the headers file?

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No, that’s a separate step. The way to do it differs from distro to distro, but since you’re using Debian hopefully it shouldn’t be too hard to find instructions on it online.

You don’t need to do anything with the headers.