My Device lillipup cannot shutting down

I have installed with mrchromebox, when I install Windows why doesn’t my Chromebook turn off properly… it always turns back on after shutdown… is there a solution for that?

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Could you be putting the system in sleep rather than shutting it down or are you not waiting for the system to fully shutdown?

when it is turned off it immediately restarts again

Mine does this too, sometimes

iirc you can disable automatic boot when lid is opened with ectool

I have this problem, when I shutdown my lillipup it automatic reboot. or when I put it to hibernate it turn on again

I have the same issue on Primus. It occurs not only on Windows but also when I press/hold the power button on the Coreboot logo/menu, indicating it’s firmware-related.

I got in touch with MrChromebox, but we haven’t gone too far as a SuzyQ would be required for further diagnosis.

I have a suzyq and a lillipup with this issue that i could use to collect logs. What logs did mrchromebox need?

@MrChromebox wanted to check the EC console log.

Alright. Ill compile myself a lillipup rom with debug enabled, collect those logs, and report back

is this a new issue with a recent coreboot release? I’ve not updated the EC firmware for TGL boards since the initial release back with 4.19 or so

No, this is not a new issue

Sorry, no new updates???

Sorry, we have our lives???

Just press the power button if it turns on after shutting down. Simple as that, it’s a random issue.

Here an update:

I cant retrieve an ec log because it only seems reproducable when not plugged in and plugging in a suzyq makes the chromebook think its plugged in so it doesnt restart when it shuts down