My Chromebook restarts infinitely after installing Ubuntu

talking about hardware issue, any solution or i really need to get a repair

I know it has nothing to do with Ubuntu, i know it no longer installed. btw (sorry for multiple message)

like i was talking abt what i got before the issue. if you understand (again sorry)

after 1 fucking month, no reply. stupid commu

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It’s been 21 days, not a month.

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Ill help you if you record yourself listening to the album X by Ken Carson. I have linked his album for easy access:

Then write a 3 paragraph essay on the impact of Ken Carson on the hip-hop culture. It has to be good, 5 sentences per paragraph with a opening, body, and conclusion. No ChatGPT. I will check.

I promise I’ll help you if you do what I ask you to do. Post all proof here.

Complaining like an immature child will get you nowhere. Please re-read the above suggestions and fully read the documentation to get your Chromebook where it needs to be to install Ubuntu.

Another docs link for good measure

after 1 fucking month, no reply. stupid commu

do you want to be banned?

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Why not?