My Chromebook only has usb-a

I learned from the chrultrabook docs website that my laptop needs a suzyqable to disable WP. The problem is the suzyqable uses usb-c, but my laptop only has usb-a. I want to know if this is a problem or if I can just use a usb-c to usb-a adaptor? My device’s board name is BUTTERFLY.

What specific chromebook model is it? Chances are, WP can be disabled by disconnecting the battery and using a power adapter. If your chromebook doesn’t have a USB-C port, it probably doesn’t support closed case debugging with a suzyqable.

Holy shit that’s an old Chromebook.

Like the previous comment mentioned, your Chromebook does not support CCD using a SuzyQ.

The link on MrChromebox’s site is broken as Google have migrated their Chromium developer documentation to a new location, but if you use Wayback Machine you can still reach the relevant page: HP Pavilion Chromebook

The information on how to disable hardware WP is on the page.

Thank you so much, I just kind of assumed I needed a suzyq because of the dead link.