MORPHIUS: `fwupd` segfaulting with coreboot replacement firmware?

Running fwupdmgr get-updates causes a segfault on my machine in the fwupd_checksum_guess_kind symbol.

I believe this is caused by the custom coreboot firmware

Normally, this isn’t too much of a problem by itself but software centres on linux that integrate fwupd as a backend e.g. GNOME Software, Discover; enables the fwupd backend by default, disabling it can be tricky when the application segfaults…

Can anyone else replicate this issue?

Firmware: 2023.10.29
Kernel: 6.6.12-271
Distro: Solus
fwupd: 1.9.11

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I can’t say I’ve had the same issue as I don’t use a graphical software center, but couldn’t you just remove fwupd? I don’t know the syntax for eopkg but most package managers offer a way to force remove a package even if it is a dependency of another package. That or switch to a different distro that doesn’t pull in fwupd as a required dependency.

Running sudo eopkg rm fwupd --ignore-dependency does indeed allow discover to run.

I’m more curious if this is an issue in fwupd or the coreboot firmware in order to submit an issue upstream

I remember there was an issue where fwupd would try to update the secureboot keys and fail, but that was fixed in 4.22. I’ve never seen it segfault though. That more sounds like a distro issue.

Thanks for the hint. I updated to the latest version now (01/08/24) and don’t see any secure boot support in the uefi interface. With fwupd still segfaulting.

fwupd seems to be fine with this distro on another pc but it may distro specific.

Oh yeah Ryzen devices don’t have functional NVRAM, which means no secure boot.

Oh! That certainly explains a couple of things, thanks for the help.

Also check to see if it works on Debian 12 too, just to be sure