Morphius: audio popping in firefox? You may need this pipewire patch

If you experience audio popping in firefox similar to the sound clip below you may need a pipewire patch.

After tearing my hair out for a couple of days I stumbled across the issues here

With help from 3744 came up with the patch below which fixed the issue for me.

Patch: audioconvert: Default back to two buffers (!1849) · Merge requests · PipeWire / pipewire · GitLab

Applying this patch to your pipewire package will depend on your distribution.

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Can confirm this affects other zork Chromebooks too. Thank you for the info. Do you know at this stage why it only affects Firefox and not other applications?

Interesting. Does zork only include picasso/dali or all amd chromebooks?

I have no idea on why it only affects firefox currently. It seems to be getting interest from the pipewire devs I hope it’s not wasting their time if it turns out to be some sort of firmware or kernel driver bug.

edit: Answered my own question

Pipewire devs were very prompt and this issue is now fixed in git master. Pipewire 1.0.2 should contain the fix.

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I have a JELBOZ360, can’t comment on Cezanne/Mendocino Chromebooks. I’ve noticed some very minor popping in Chromium as well that I attributed to hardware video decode issues but if the culprit there is pipewire too then I guess I don’t have to worry too much now. Thank you so much for raising awareness of the issue with the devs so they were able to provide a fix.

The only issue I’ve noticed on mendocino is headphones not working.

Haven’t noticed this issue, personally, on Fedora 39, but perhaps you’re correct and the pipewire devs fixed it quickly. That would explain why.

Can confirm issue with audio in Firefox is now fixed with Pipewire 1.0.2, hurray!