Mac OS on Dell 7410 Drallion

Had anyone installed Mac OS on a Dell 7410 Drallion?

If yes, which Mac OS did you use?

Everything working fine?

Where can I read up on how to do it, i.e. any similar site as

Yes it is supported. I recommend taking a look at the supported devices chart

Installing macOS isn’t as simple as coolstars guide, it can take quite a bit of time and troubleshooting

You can get started by following the macOS part of the docs Installing macOS | Chrultrabook Docs, which points you to the dortania guide OpenCore Install Guide

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Yes, it works fine now and I’ve succeeded with Mojave, Catalina, Ventura, and Sonoma. Tablet mode does not work in any OS if yours is the 2-in-1 Drallion like mine.

DrallionMacOS is my guide but please read this:
“A complete EFI is not provided in [the above] repo, in accordance with “DIY” tradition. DIY: Do It Yourself. You will be better familiar with the process and will be able to troubleshoot on your own by starting with the Dortania OpenCore Install Guide. Please do not request an EFI…”
So if you have the patience, try it yourself. I did a lot of the research for you already.

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