Looking for something that can support 32 or 64GB RAM

I would like to find a cheapish Chromebook that can be upgraded to 32GB RAM. I intend on running Kubernetes on it with various images and RAM is more important than CPU, but an N4200 probably won’t cut it. If someone can list some models than I will try to find the devices through the local auctions site or even new.

The only Chromebook models with socketed ram are the Acer C710 and Framework Chromebook.

might be able to find a Chromebox as well – like an Acer ChromeBox CXI3 – ive seen those with Dual 8GB DDR4 sticks in them — might be able to swap it out with two 16GB sticks or two 32GB…
Screenshot 2024-01-13 133333

What is your maximum price for “cheapish”? There are probably way more options if you consider non-Chromebook laptops.

I would agree with @WeirdTreeThing and suggest the Framework Chromebook as it is fully modular


  • Not “cheapish”
  • At that price you can just buy a normal Framework Laptop (with the latest CPUs too) because it supports Windows and Linux by default

Good luck in your search