Looking for daily driver

Hi there!

Can someone recommend me some chromebook models (with touchscreen) to daily drive linux on?
What I want is a machine to run linux on and not be forced to tinker with it daily.
I almost bought ELDRID (that thing is a beauty!) but I read on Elly’s mastodon that it has some xhci problems.

JINLON (HP Elite C1030) works very well, just no FPR. Any Cometlake devices should be pretty solid. Anything with Thunderbolt/USB4 is going to be a bit of a gamble

I’ve been running the Lenovo C13 Yoga with a Ryzen 5 chip as a living room laptop for surfing the net, and a buddy of mine runs it as a daily driver with Fedora 39 on it. Great build quality, the touchscreen works out of the box in Fedora and Arch, the NVMe is replaceable and recent builds from the lovely MrChromebox also have the trackpoint nub fully supported if you want to use it.