Looking for a user friendly OS that will fit in 16gb chromebook

I am looking for a user friendly OS that will fit in a 16gb chromebook 3180.
I’ve already installed mrchromebox and tried 3 linux distros and windows.
Windows barely fit but had the best experience.
Linux mint xfce had sound issues and didn’t fit but had the best user experience.
Debian worked decently but was too hard to use
Q4OS had a horrible UI and was super buggy.

Arch with a WM like Sway should work

Sound issues are expected; that’s why there’s a fix for them.

If you’ve tried Mint Xfce already and it didn’t fit, I don’t suppose Xubuntu will fit either.

I’m sorry to say that you’re going to have to do some learning of Linux. The things that make Linux “user-friendly” with the nice graphical menus and buttons are also things that take up space. In addition, the best way to save space is starting with a relatively blank slate and choosing explicitly what to install. I’d encourage you to give Debian another shot because it installs less stuff in general than Mint or Ubuntu.

It would also help if you specified how much free space you’d expect to have left over after installing the OS.

I do have a 32gb microSD card so ill install mint on that.

Just did and uninstalled the bloat/crapware like libreoffice and the memory hog Firefox

The ear destroying buzz sound error happened again.

Another good suggestion may be Fedora XFCE or Fedora LXDE. I had the latter running fine on a friend’s 64gb Steam Deck for testing.

I’ll just deal with the audio issue.
It’s only gonna be used for school anyway.

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This script may help with your sound issue

Can this be installed without the terminal?
I despite the terminal in all Unix based operating systems.
Extremely cumbersome and clunky compared to just clicking on a file to install.

if you’re using linux, and you hate the terminal… you’re in for a rough ride

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You’re going to have to use the terminal to install it… it’s a single command.

This is the norm with linux.

I’ll just ask you to help install.
I do enjoy mint over any other linux distribution, seems like it could actually be a viable windows replacement if it gets more closed source software.

But it won’t replace windows on any of my hardware for a long time

what do you need help with? just do as the readme says and you’ll be fine

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It’s being extremely slow and cumbersome but it’s working. Par for the course for FOSS.

It’s slow because you’re running it off a SD card.

yeah, if you weren’t running off an SD card, it would finish in 30-60 seconds. Windows would be so much slower on an SD card. (and it would kill the card faster)

Internal storage is basically an SD card on this model though, MMC.

not par for the course if you read instructions