Looking for a simple Chromebox with 8gb+ of RAM

Greetings, all. I was looking for a chromebox recommendation for a friend of mine. They mainly want an AMD processor that has decent media decoding support, 8gb of RAM minimum (bonus points for upgradability) and an SSD of some sort. They’re going to boot Fedora like me and use it as a media PC hooked up to their TV. Any suggestions?
Budget is $200 or less.

Why requirement of AMD processor? I would recommend jinlon to everyone but it is Intel not AMD.

JINLON is also not a Chromebox.

@s31bz I think Intel would have better media decoding on Linux. The mesa driver is broken on AMD 3015Ce for example. Either way, there are no AMD Chromeboxes afaik

There are Alder Lake Chromeboxes that MrChromebox supports, but I have no idea if they’ve been tested to work with Windows or Linux. Your best choice would be any of the Comet Lake Chromeboxes probably.


why amd? are there even any amd chromebox’s? I have a chromebox I got for $75 and upgraded the ram to 32gb, and upgraded the storage to 512gb, which I could recommend but its an 8th gen i7, intel.

I do NOT recommend buying that chromebox. There is a reason its so cheap.

that chromebox is “TIDUS” from what I can tell, a Broadwell device

That has a 5th generation intel cpu. I do not recommend, and it doesnt fit your original request of an amd cpu.

What youre looking for doesnt exist in a chromebox. Look at mini pcs

I asked and they said they didn’t care, they were just used to Ryzen chips

They wanted something with Coreboot for some reason

could always just port coreboot

Another Chromebox to consider: ASUS CHROMEBOX 3 CORE I7-8550U 1.80 GHZ – Wisetek Market. Idk how compatible it is, you need to check.

Looks like that’s a TEEMO and might be worth while depending on upgradability

Going with that Chromebox 3 for them, feel free to close this.

You did get the 15% off discount right? If you didn’t that would be L of $15.

Yeah I got it

Can confirm that you should always ask if the damned eBay listings for Chromebooks or Chromeboxes are enterprise locked or not. There’s really no simple way to unenroll those anymore sadly.

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On another note, it’s very easy to find which sellers are genuine and which sellers are scam artists by asking to see the system booted up.

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