Lightweight 13-14" cheap-mid price recommendations?

Are there any 13-14" screen chromebooks on the used market good for linux and sub 3 pounds in weight?

I’ve been using an acer c720 for ages, but want a bigger screen. I am just setting up an ASUS c424, but it’s a little heavier than desired.

Might not exist but ???

I have an hp c640 g2 which fits what you want, but I couldn’t find any that were less than $200 which is more than I paid for mine. You can get a first gen c640 for about $130 which may be too much for what it is. Anyways, imo it runs linux quite well but it does require some tweaks like key remapping, audio script, custom kernel, and custom fan curves with ectool.

Jinlon. 13.5", i7-10610U, 16GB RAM, 128GB (upgradable) NVMe, ~$190.

Hmm, looks like unobtanium.

Why can’t you obtain it?

OK, help me out, where do you find them for $190? Right now they don’t have one for $190 but there is one for $222.50. WIth 10% off that would be ~$200.

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OK, thank you. I am finding more hp c1030s as well now though most $250 and up. The wisetek listing specs only show SSD capacity and RAM. No mention of processor etc., apple or orange? Multiple generations for the hp c1030s, and differing weights. I’ll sort it out, but a bit confusing

Are there any significant concerns between different generations of the HP 1030s?

And these are not chromebooks anyway correct? Look to be windows machines, so no worries about mrchromebox firmware, just install linux and go?

Jinlon (HP Elite c1030 Chromebook) is a Chromebook. It is the only Chromebook with “c1030” that I know of. There are non-Chromebook versions, but I’m pretty sure the one in the Wisetek market link is a Chromebook, and they just forgot to include that in the name. You can message them to be sure.

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OK, is there any advantage to chromebook/jinlon vs an HP 1030 non-chromebook? They all look to be the same parts except for MB, SSD size and RAM, Seems it would be easier to get the non-CB? Am I missing something?

Idk much about the non Chromebook. I’m pretty sure the Chromebook is cheaper than the non-Chromebook, which is why I never considered buying the non-Chromebook. Also you should consider the compatibility of the Windows c1030 with Linux, like if it has any issues with video calls or touchscreen.

Personally even if the ChromeOS version and the Windows version were the exact same in everything else, I still prefer the ChromeOS keyboard layout over the Windows keyboard layout.

If you can find a Windows laptop that meets your size and weight requirements for the price you want, you don’t have to look at Chromebooks.

People here recommended Chromebooks to you because this is a Chromebook forum.

Depending on what performance you want, you can also try to find Gemini Lake Chromebooks (which will definitely be < $150 probably) if you’re fine with a Celeron processor.

Fair enough. I had the misconception that CBs are lighter weight, but seems in the case of these HP 1030s they are all comparable in weight regardless or CB or Windows compatible (Of course no microsoft (or friggin Goog-gag) for me!)

Have an asus gemini lake c424, still need to rumble with the audio. This one’s too heavy. I am still all ears about models that are sub 3 pounds. Thanks.