Lenovo IP Flex 5 worth?

Its $240 was going to use it for content consumption and coding

Is this the correct one? had i3-1215u and a fingerprint reader but idk if it is due to TAEKO having 2 models

How much ram does this have?

I bought a officially refurbished osiris ($300) which has a i5-1240P processor that blasts that cpu (I had a laptop with that cpu, I was not too impressed with its performance.)

Do note osiris does not have as much battery life due to a better cpu (about 3-4 hours on power saving mode)

That is also a lenovo chromebook, and lenovo designs are known to - deteriorate over time. I personally wouldn’t recommend it, but if your budget doesnt permit more than its not too bad

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Was looking at the Osiris but from Acer, Asus? It’s out of stock and 8gb of ram

Yes, the osiris from acer.

Ram isn’t everything. Pagefile/zram/swap can help with that

If you’re planning to run windows, just turn up the page file (See the “committed” section)

Yeah got it I’ll just wait for it to go back in stock or something like that

There is a mithrax I think CX5501FE for $350 but idk

My C13 Yoga from 2021 is still rock solid- perhaps this is because of the aluminum chassi?

It’s also a Thinkpad :smiley: The flex 5 is plastic/aluminum will probably use it folded like once ngl

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Dont know, but you can definitely ask in the discord server and youll see what people think about lenovo

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