Lenovo Duet Ideapad/ Google krane disable write protect

Hello everyone,
at hand we have this lenovo ct-x636f aka Lenovo Duet Ideapad aka google krane that I´m liberating for a friend.
I know that this device is not supported by MrChromebook, but I saw it mentioned in the CCC presentation that you did, so I thought I`d give it a shot.
Please excuse me if this is the wrong place for this question. If somebody knows a more adequate place, please let me know! :slight_smile:
I installed pmOS on it, and it runs fine, the only issue is that in order to boot up I have to navigate the developer mode screen to boot from internal disk. So in order to change the GBB flags for that, I have to disable write protection.

when I unplug the battery to disable write protect the device wont boot up, although connected through the usb-c plug. Do I have to bridge something here? Picture shows the platine where I disconnected the battery

I’m pretty sure everyone here that disabled WP on a krane did it with a SuzyQ.

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@s31bz: quality comment, eh? 5/7 helpful

Step 2: Boot using AC power, and flash.

  1. Plug the Chromebook into a power adapter.
    There is a 15V USB-C PD requirement for booting without the battery.
  1. Boot the chromebook up
  • If you removed the keyboard, make sure to reattach it for this step.

ok, that might be the reason it won’t start while
only on 5v usb-c.
but AC? that’s weird

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Oh yeah make sure you use a 15V charger.

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Googling around trying to do the exact same thing on the Lenovo Duet (installed PMOS yesterday). Where are the quoted steps from, what’s step 1 :sweat_smile:?



Edit: nevermind…I clicked it :man_facepalming:.

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Did yo have any success?

I was able to disconnect the battery and boot using 15v, but I haven’t had any luck disabling write protect. wpsw_cur, prints: “2” .
sudo flashrom -p linux-mtd --wp-status, prints:
“Protection mode: hardware”

sudo flashrom -p linux_mtd --wp-disable, prints:
“Failed to apply new WP settings: unkown WP error”

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sorry that I get back to you just know.
I had no further success but I also didn’t try anything else.
I’m considering buying a breakout board and soldering a SuzyQ cable as described here:


but i’m still wondering where I would plug the USB A into, as the tablet has only one plug.

You can use a separate device with Linux

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