Lenovo chromebook boot usb

i have been trying to get some feedback regarding my lenovo chromebook 100e 2nd gen mtk. on its ability to boot a tails usb or kali linux. i am unsure if i should continue to put time into getting it to boot one or both of these OS. or does someone have any feedback regarding this if it is even at all possible even if i was to purchase a suzyqable. please someone help it would be greatly appreciated. it has been over a week now and no1 seems to write. thank you all

It looks like your machine’s board is called PHASER in the supported devices list, is that correct?

May we ask if you’re run through the documentation for enabling developer mode, then disabling write protect by unplugging the battery and then installing mrchromebox’s firmware here?

lenovo 100e 2nd gen mtk

That isn’t PHASER. Please just ignore them, their question has been asked and answered yet they keep coming back as if the answer will somehow change.

@hamburger22 As several people here have told you already, your ARM Chromebook is not supported by this project and likely never will. Please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the differences that exist between x86_64 and ARM, and realize that the Lenovo 100e 2nd gen Intel is not the same as the Lenovo 100e 2nd gen MTK.

I’m not planning any development on HANA in near future due to lack of CCD capabilities and my lacking knowledge on DRM subsystem.