Lenovo C13 Yoga NVMe Disappears on Reboot

I’ve been using EndevourOS but this seems to happen regardless of OS.

When I reboot the system the NVMe disk disappears from the firmware and from the OS ( if booting from USB ). The only way I was able to resolve this issue was to power off the machine and power it back on, the drive will then reappear but the OS entry in EFI, that I created, will be gone.

Another issue I had when power cycling is sometimes after the drive shows up after power cycling the EFI partition cannot be mounted possibly related to a cros ec UART error that has the symptoms of the following:

  1. /efi fails to mount dropping into rescue mode
  2. once boot is continued the keyboard works but trackpoint, touchpad, touch screen and pen do not work
  3. this issue continues until the system is powered off for an extended duration (2+ hr)

I’m not sure if this is the best place to report this or if there is a git repo I should create an issue for?

I currently don’t have a copy of the logs but I will attempt to do so next time I encounter this issue ( which I believe I’m mediation by just sleeping the laptop or shutting down ).

I found the solution!

Yes this solved the efi and cros-ec-uart error. I’ll try rebooting now to see if the nvme issue still exists.

I have confirmed that changing it in systemd-boot cmdline does not resolve the issue. It seems that putting the blacklist in the modprobe.d resolved the issue. I still have the issue with NVMe disk disappearing on reboot. I haven’t been able to resolve this. I’m wondering if this is a firmware issue with optane NVMe SSDs? The drive is a P1600X 118GB.

On PopOs, I’ve set up /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf with:

blacklist cros_ec_uart

blacklist cros-ec-uart

And set up it on the kernel:
kernelstub -a modprobe.blacklist=cros_ec_uart

This has completely disabled this problem for me. The C13 ain’t my main device, but I don’t have boot problems with it anymore.

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That issue was already resolved. The problem I’m having now is that when I reboot the machine the nvme disk disappears.