Lenovo C13 YOGA (MORPHIUS) Imposibl enter to developed mode

Good night! I hope they are well.
I am having a problem when trying to access the developer mode, it is impossible for me since when I try to activate it from the recovery, it takes me to a screen in which it gives me 2 options: 1-return to safe mode and 2-cancel. When I click cancel it blinks and everything stays the same. cancel repeatedly until it restarts and the screen tells me “returning to safe mode”. Therefore it is impossible for me to activate developer mode. I tried removing the battery in the middle of the process and nothing. Would anyone know why this happens?
PS: Until today I was able to switch to Windows 8 computers. This is the only one that is giving me that problem.

grace from now on.

SMH, why would you do that?

if a device was previously managed, you need to log into it as a non-guest user after the device is un-enrolled before you can switch it to dev mode

Perfect sir, thank you for responding, it is an honor…impressed by your work, I thought that maybe there was a possibility of bypassing Google administration and installing Windows. But I see that unfortunately there is no chance, I was able to make the other 8 pieces of equipment that I received thanks to your process. From already thank you very much.

if the device is managed, and you’re wanting to run Windows/Linux, then you can just flash the firmware chip directly using a ch341a USB programmer

I see, I’m going to investigate this since you’ve given me a light of possibility, my idea is to be able to use Windows. that’s all. Thanks for the prompt response.

Good afternoon sir, sorry for the inconvenience, at this moment I have the tool that you mentioned in my possession (with clamp so as not to have to lift the bios), I would like to do you one more favor… would I have access to a tutorial to create or copy the bios modified, sorry if I don’t explain myself well, any guide to help me be able to inject the bios with its work already done, and then install windows. thank you

if you don’t care about the device maintaining it’s serial number, you can just flash the firmware file directly as per Manually Flashing ROMs | Chrultrabook Docs

Perfect, the big problem I have now is that with the motherboard out, it is impossible for me to find the bios. I ship everywhere but I can’t find the capacitor that fits the 8-pin clamp. On the entire board there is a single 8-pin capacitor but the distances between each one do not coincide with the clamp that is connected to the programmer. and it doesn’t give me any sign either in the make or model or the white spot on one of the pines. Does anyone know where this bios is located on the motherboard of this computer? thank you

it’s probably not a SOIC-8 package chip, but instead a WSON-8 package

Perfect brother, apparently this is as far as I’ve come. I can no longer dismantle a bios, I don’t have the knowledge. I thought that with the clamp that came in the programmer I could solve this problem. It was interesting how long it took haha. thanks for everything

Good afternoon. again sorry for the inconvenience. I was able to overcome some inconveniences that the process had presented. I already have all the tools and the 1.8v adapter to flash the bios. I wanted to know if you have the bin file corresponding to this version of bios (WINBOND 25Q128FWPF). I am grateful in advance for all the help provided.

what file are you referring to? the stock firmware?

Oh wait what? I had no idea that was an option, or maybe I’m oblivious. That rocks.

If perhaps the stock ROM, or any other modified one that allows me to bypass the developer block and then be able to install Windows. Thank you in advance.

I’m confused, what exactly are you trying to do here? You just said you don’t have the proper tools to connect to the flash chip on the board