Lenovo C13 yoga - black display

Finally after trying so many distributions.

I mananged to get it working with endeavouros/cinnamon. I had to select “fallback” when installing OS.
Now only works with “software rendering.”

Default rendering gets black display with mouse cursor only showing and working. I had the same problem with other distros and was not even able to install them. Wayland doesn’t work.

Problem with software rendering it takes up a lot of resources and fan gets noisy pretty quick.

I think there is something wrong with xorg. But I have no idea what to do.

device: lenovo thinkpad c13 yoga chromebook (morphius)
platform: AMD Piscasso (3500c)
fw type: stock chrome OS w/RW_LEGACY
fw ver: google_morphius.13434.356.0 (5/17/21)

Now normal rendering works with added “iommu=pt” to grub2.


Does anyone know how to do this before installation if I want to try another distribution or desktop enviroment?

Idk but I think you can find a generic answer online

Would be nice if they can add this option into the bios.

This is not a firmware/uefi issue.

GRUB allows you to edit kernel parameters before booting a kernel.

How do you this with KDE neon?