Lenovo 300e gen3 suspend/resume not working with sd card

Running MrChromebox 4.22.2, though have been trying it for a couple weeks. With either Windows 11 or Linux Mint, any attempt to close the lid results in having to power off/on the device and when it powers on, the sd card reader is not recognized in boot menu so it boots to shell. If I exit shell and choose reboot, sd card is recognized and it boots. In Windows 11, this results in a BSOD and another reboot, at which point I can log in again.

In Mint, if I push the power button and choose Suspend from the power menu it will go to sleep with a blinking power button. If I push power, it will (slowly) resume. If I choose suspend and get blinking power button then shut the lid, it will not resume.

I assume this has to do with different suspend states?