Lenovo 100e Gen 3 -emmc not detected by full rom

I installed MrChromebok Full rom firmware and noticed that the emmc is not detected by the bios or windows but shows up in Linux any Idea why this is happening?

This is not a bug. It’s a known issue of edk2 that is clearly stated in multiple places.

Oh, I didn’t know. Do you think they will add support in the future?

Don’t know, but I wouldn’t count on it. You can install a supported Linux distro and put /boot/efi and /boot on a USB stick or SD card so it can boot.

And by nvme, do they mean installing a pcie/nvme ssd in the wwan slot?

So while your Chromebook has eMMC storage, some of the other AMD Picasso Chromebooks do use NVMe storage. The limitation of edk2 causing eMMC to not be recognised only affects eMMC, so if you installed full ROM on a AMD Picasso Chromebook with NVMe it would recognise the internal storage just fine.

I’ve heard from other people that it is possible to do what you are suggesting, but I have no experience or knowledge regarding that.

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