Left USB port acts weird at times. More info in post

So, a bit of backstory:
I got a P22T Chromebook (Candy model board) from a pawnshop as is for $20 with charger can’t remember what they said is wrong with it took it home and it worked fine in my testing just beat up. So after weeks of contemplating of installing Fedora on it, I pulled the trigger and finally did it.

Worked fine on Fedora since mid April 2023 (when I installed Fedora). But recently, the left USB port started developing an intermittent issue. Realized this when I plugged my phone into the Chromebook to charge the phone and USB tether mobile data (Android F.T.W. baby!) to my Chromebook.

The issue [in detail] is:
The USB port works fine for a while until the USB port functions start spazzing out (My phone connects and disconnects constantly from Fedora, and I’m not even touching the cord.) and when I unplug the cable and plug it back in the issue will go away but will eventually come back. Sometimes wiggling around the cable will help fix the issue but doesn’t help most of the time. What can this issue be caused by? Can it be caused by a bad USB port? Is it a software issue? What is the viable solution, how do I go about it?

Your catboy truly,

P.S. Where’s the invite link for the chrultrabook Discord Server? I haven’t been in it in a while, I had to leave because I had to make room to join another discord server. Can I join back? Is the server gone? Did the entire server go into the Nether Realm, never to be seen again?

Find out if the USB port has issues in ChromeOS to rule out OS issues (I doubt it’s caused by OS issues). My guess is that the port is physically damaged.