Kubuntu upgrade

Hi, I have had Kubuntu working on my Acer Spin 13.

Today I upgraded to version 24.04 which all went well.
However on booting the laptop, then Ctrl L

The system is hanging at:
SeaBios (Version…
Booting from Hard Disk…

I think what may have gone wrong is during the upgrade I was asked where to install Grub. There were two options, and the accompanying text recommended to install to both to be sure. Maybe I should have left at first option.

Does anyone have advice on recovering out of this situation… perhaps with live disk version of Kubuntu 24.04? or other options?


Sorry, but Ubuntu and all of its variants and derivates with the exception of Pop_OS! are unsupported for a very good reason.

Have a look here

Idk if u can get it to be bootable again, but you can definitely recover your files by mounting the / partition in either ChromeOS or a Linux distro in a live USB.

Official upgrade paths to 24.04 are not yet enabled due to known major bugs Why You Shouldn't Upgrade to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Yet - OMG! Ubuntu

You can fresh install 24.04, which does not have these bugs. Only the upgrade is known to induce these bugs.

boot repair may work: boot-repair-disk / Home / Home

Thanks for tips!.

I was able to do a new install of Plasma 6*.

From the live CD, I could backup the previous installation user/ and settings files to another location, prior to installation.

I did not try boot-repair.

  • Installed the latest Neon/Plasma 6/ derived from an older version of Ubuntu (LTS)