Just curious about the progress with the fingerprint readers in linux

Just wondering if there has been any progress with getting the fingerprint readers to work under linux on chultrabooks.

WTT started making a libfprint “driver” for Chromebook fingerprint readers. I’m pretty sure it’s abandoned atm.

I started making a PAM module for Chromebook fingerprint readers but I stopped because the fingerprint module wasn’t working as expected through ectool.

Check out linux-tools/cros-fp.py at main · chrultrabook/linux-tools · GitHub for manually interacting with the fingerprint reader through ectool. For me, downloading templates doesn’t work properly with both Jinlon and Redrix. Maybe it works for your Chromebook. If it does, feel free to continue working on the two attempts.

The fprint work is very much abandoned as I no longer have a chromebook with a fingerprint reader.