I've broken my Chromebook :(

I attempted to install OpenSUSE on my Acer Vero 514. I think I’ve wiped my ChromeOS in the process.
I think made the apparent mistake of trying to Restore to Secure Mode. It’s now just looping on the screen “Your system is repairing itself. Please wait.” It clearly can’t repair itself as Chrome OS is gone.
How can I get it out of this loop state?
Switching it off and on doesn’t solve it
And then, I need to reinstall ChromeOS.
Please help!

Try pressing esc+refresh+power. It will then probably boot into recovery mode. It should say something like “Insert a USB stick.” You’ll need another computer with Chrome to install the Chromebook Recovery Utility from the Chrome Web Store, and a spare USB stick. Follow the prompts to prepare the USB and plug it into the chromebook on the recovery screen. If all goes well, it should start the recovery process and boot into ChromeOS. If you try this again, you need to follow the tutorial at mrchromebox.tech to install real UEFI firmware on your chromebook.

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Don’t worry, I doubt you’ve bricked your Chromebook. I think it’s almost impossible to brick a Chromebook without disabling WP. Follow the other comment’s advice.