Is 25gb even enough storage to install windows 10

So I finished flashing the chrome os by removing it from mrchromebox’s guide and I did all that but now I got to the part where I setup windows with the usb but whenever I try to install it on the main drive it shows

“setup was unable to use the existing partition because the system volume does not contain the required free space”

So I was wondering if I could replace the hard drive (if I could) but I need to find where the actual hard drive is stored

I have a HP chromebook snappy 14 g5 if that helps

thank you

You need to remove all of the partitions. Those other partitions are only used by ChromeOS, they have no use in Windows.

32GB eMMC storage is not really enough storage for Windows though. You can try installing IoT LTSC instead.

Wait but how about the partition saying “efi-system” partition? I’m thinking that’s the boot eufi system that actually starts with the Chromebook now

Once again, installing full ROM removed your ability to boot ChromeOS. You can safely remove all of the partitions, they don’t do anything in Windows.

Yeah, I used the usb windows cmd to remove all the partitions except the main one. Thanks

The installer should provide an option to erase the disk before installing Windows. You don’t have to remove partitions manually just to keep the “main one”.