Installing Win11 on ASUS CX5500

I am trying to boot from my Windows Installation Media using Rufus GPT for UEFI but am encountering this: “Unloading existing ‘EfiFs NTFS driver v1.5 (GRUB 2.0) v0x10”

I am unsure how to get past this. Below is a picture attached.

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I resolved this issue

I am having same Issue can you share How you resolved this issue?

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Instead of using Rufus I went to the Microsoft website and created boot drive using the media creation tool. Booting from that you will need an external mouse to go through. It’s going to tell you that your hardware is not compatible so you will have to do some registry edits. There are YouTube videos on how to bypass TPM, Secureboot, and Memory. After following that you should be able to delete all the partitions and start a fresh install. If it is telling you to get drivers, look for Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver or (RST). Should be pretty straight forward from here. If you need more help let me know and send a picture of the issue.


Best explanation I’ve found for this problem(which I’ve experienced too) is here: