Installing Audio Drivers on Atomic Fedora (Silverblue/Kinonite)

Has anyone packaged GitHub - WeirdTreeThing/chromebook-linux-audio: Script to enable audio support on many Chrome devices into rpm package for installing with ostree based distros?

@ChocolateLoverRaj Release v0.8.1 · ChocolateLoverRaj/chromebook-linux-audio · GitHub doesn’t seem to work on Fedora 40.200 Silverblue. Does the package work for you and what version of fedora do you use?

I don’t use Fedora anymore. I use NixOS. My audio fork for silverblue is pretty old, so it may need to be updated to work on Fedora 40 silverblue. What Chromebook did you try it on?

I testing Fedora on OSIRIS right now. I can’t get the audio script to work on a freshly installed Fedora 40 image therefore will be waiting for a fix before packaging the RPM.