Installed linux on Acer Chromebook won't boot past grub or UEFI shells

Help please its an older Chromebook . I have three partitions all all Linux didn’t mean for there to be three thought that when I was installing different os it was just rewritting same partition… anyways I can see the partitions I cant get any part of the old os to show except that there’s partitions . The last one blackbox shows system files but when I ls it showes everything but no initrd IMG or vmliniz unless I ls into boot . When try to bootit says no bootorder and takes me right to grub please help have no bootable usb just a messed up book

Greetings. Please tell us what your board name is called. May we also ask if you followed the Chrultrabook docs for replacing the BIOS prior to Linux install?

Chromebox-4.11.1 Intel (R) cpu n3060 4036 mb ram

Acer Chromebook R11 / C738T ( cyan)

X 86 _64- efi

I would suggest attempting to reinstall Linux.