in lenovo 100e chromebook 2nd gen....I can't activate developer mode

(also trouble taking out the battery)

Please elaborate on why you can’t enable developer mode.

I hope this official guide from Google can be helpful in the meantime: ChromiumOS Docs - Developer Mode

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  • Turn off your device, open the back and disconnect the battery.
  • Press Esc + Refresh + Power

not showing screen where it should Press Ctrl + D and press Enter to enable developer mode :frowning:

The two things are not related.

If what you’re doing is disconnecting the battery and pressing Esc + Refresh + Power without power, then you’ve misunderstood the instructions. The Chromebook needs to be able to power on to enter Recovery Mode.

with charger connected…

Since you haven’t provided any details I have been forced to make guesses about what you’ve done.

If you can power on the Chromebook with the battery disconnected and running on AC power, and you’ve checked that your keyboard’s top row keys are working, then the only thing left I can conclude is that you’re doing it wrong.