I want to revert stock Chrome os on my Dell Chromebook 3120 p22t

I have this Dell chromebook 11 3120 p22t in which I installed windows 10 but now I am wishing to revert it to stock chrome os but when I try to do that By using Linux the revert back to stock Os option is greyed out
I also have the backup (rom) file
I came here to know if anyone of you could help me sorting out my problem

The script doesn’t support reverting on EOL devices because ChromeOS is basically useless once support ends. Is there a reason you want ChromeOS and not a Linux OS? If you really want to you can manually flash but I don’t think it’s recommended.

I want to go back to stock Os because of storage problems 16gb is way too less to run windows 10 properly and if I use external drives I face lag issues
Could you guude me a bit about manual flashing?

Do I need only backup rom file for it?

That and the recovery drive

Just install Linux.

ChromeOS isn’t going to function properly being out of date, things in the browser will just not work, etc.

But I can’t find sound driver for linux

Baytrail doesn’t need anything special on any modern / 2024 distro, it will work OOTB. I’m running PopOS here on mine.

Ok I am trying that