I need recommendations for an affordable tablet

Hello, I would like recommendations for an affordable tablet that is runs for under 250 on the used market. I already own a Lenovo Duet 5 and it runs great, only issue with it is that it does not support Custom Firmware due to the snapdragon. I would like to have a tablet that includes a keyboard just like the Duet 5 but I need x86 options, and still runs well with custom firmware. Does anyone have any suggestions?

You can install GNU/Linux without modifying the firmware. Not everything is supported though. See

  1. GitHub - hexdump0815/linux-mainline-on-arm-chromebooks: running linux mainline on arm chromebooks - for example: samsung xe303c12 and xe503c12 (snow and peach), acer c100, c101 and c201 (veyron speedy, minnie etc. and gru bob and kevin), medion s2013 and s2015 (veyron jaq, mighty etc.), acer cb5 311 (nyan big), lenovo n23, acer r13 (oak elm and hana), lenovo duet (kukui krane) and most probably many many more over time ...

  2. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 (google-homestar) - postmarketOS Wiki

AFAIK, there is still no x86 Chrome tablet.
But many nice x86 convertibles are available. I personally use HPx360 14a (blooguard), and one of my friends has a Lenovo 500e 2nd gen (phaser360). Both work quite nicely (everything is supported in LMDE and Kubuntu 24.04), and have long battery life. The latter come with a stylus for the display.

SORAKA is a x86 Chromebook tablet.

Thanks so much for the reply. I will definitely look into installing pmOS on my device. I used to have an x86 Nautilus but sadly the device is not working anymore and settled for a Duet 5 as my main CB.

You should fully understand what works and what doesn’t work on postmarketOS on trogdor at the moment. Also the process to install postmarketOS is very manual.

If you’re perfectly happy with how your Duet 5 runs right now, why install a different OS that has less support?