I’m assuming I bricked my Chromebook…

The screen is blank and no buttons work. The blue light just flashes. Please help.

What were you doing before this?

I tried to run a live Linux and I guess I installed it improperly from the flash drive evidently.

Were you installing MrChromebox’s UEFI firmware at the time?

No I was booted on a live usb installing the firm ware

I solved it by myself. If your escape refresh power works you need to get the chrome extension recovery tool- on another pc/laptop - and flash a usb with the recovery iso (model specific) then plug it in and boom. It works. You lost all your data though… sad day


Yeah, your Chromebook was never bricked. Your question is also not relevant to chrultrabook-ing. Every Chromebook can use this method to recover their device.

Please ensure support questions are relevant to installing an alternate OS or MrChromebox’s firmware on your Chromebook.

Can you help me install Linux on it then duel boot?

Everything is in documentation, if you have any specific question then feel free to ask. No one here has time for hand-holding everyone.