I have two ARM Chromebooks that I want to install linux on, so I need some help (I know Chrultrabook doesn't support it)

I have 2 ARM Chromebooks, and I want to install linux. I mainly need to know how to disable FW write protection and install custom firmware.

Don’t send any answers saying “Chrultrabook doesn’t support ARM”, I am fully aware.

I am fine with building coreboot from scratch or whatever wizardry that needs to be done to do this

Try to find them on the archlinuxarm or postmarket os websites. I am actually rather interested in this kind of thing myself and am happy to help with it, especially if the chromebooks have an rk3399 cpu as those have very good mainline support.

Also there is currently no custom firmware for arm chromebooks, instead people use the stock chromeos firmware with a special kernel partition.

Depending on which ARM Chromebook, you can disable hardware WP with the CCD method.

I saw this post elsewhere here and think it may be relevant for ARM images

it has a cortex-a12 soc and do you know how to set up a special kernel partition?

What are the board names? You can get them from the top of the diagnostics app.

for some reason i can’t find diagnostics. i have 2 ctl j2 or j4 (idk for sure which one)
i have dev mode enabled on one

It also says at the bottom of the recovery/dev mode screen.

the model is JERRY E25-W3R-A2M-BSA-A6E