I ask for a merciless HELP PLEASE

no, HELP please, I have a chromebook and I saw that when I open the shell in developer mode I can’t use it because sudo blocks (I removed the writing screws) and from what I saw I have to do control alt f2 so I enter the shell from the developer which is the same but how do I copy and paste the control v commands it doesn’t work, my chromebook model Is a HP Chromebook 14a-na0077, HELP PLS

You don’t need to copy and paste. Just type the command. You can pull up the command on a different device and look at it and type it.

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(thanks for the answer) besides it is very complicated to rewrite the whole command since the keys are mapped differently and I’m bored of entering developer mode losing data without having the operating system I want, Is there a great solution? and there is a photo of how the vt2 keys are mapped

How many Chromebooks are you need to use the firmware util script on?