HP Pavilion Chromebook butterfly touch pad not working

HP Pavilion Chromebook butterfly touch pad not working. I had reinstalled window 10 Pro 64 bits. even I am Installed all touchpad driver from “Driver Master Pack” but not successful . please help me

Install the touchpad driver from coolstar’s website

My dear coostar driver not working i am need its solution. Coolstar driver installation Properly but after installation working not

HP Pavilion -14 Model: 14-c015dx

on top of Coolstar’s touchpad drivers -did you also install the Intel chipset drivers?

I usually just go on coolstar’s webpage and type my board name at the top ( you can find your board name in the BIOS - i have a feeling yours is “LANTIS”) – and start installing drivers from the top going down (install drivers in that order) Starting from Visual C++ (you should have most of your devices in device manager installed) by the time you get to the bottom, with maybe Sound drivers missing (unless you bought Audio drivers from Coolstar)
Touchpad and touchscreen (if you have it) should start working afterwards.

Thanks for your kindly attention. Dear my device model name is butterfly and it mother board is Intel Sandybridge/Ivybridge. I am find only 2 things need to be installed at coolstar driver installation page. 1- C++ visual and the 2nd is Touchpad driver only nothing else.