HP Elite c1030 Windows 11 Restarts 1-6 hours after closing lid(Sleep Mode)

Hello. I use my laptop for work so it’s critical that I can close my laptop to sleep, and open again to resume my projects. However, the laptop fully restarts closing any applications that were previously open. This happens at random times, while most of the time restarting.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Most likely it’s getting bsod from audio driver. uninstall it to try and wait for the next release.

Yeah that’s exactly what’s happening. I see they released new drivers through the driver portal, however I don’t know how to access that.

They are not released yet. You’ll have to wait.
To avoid the issue - don’t use sleep(disable it)

I know that you may required to use Windows 11 for work, but one thing you can do to not have this problem (even if it’s just temporarily until the Windows issue is fixed) is use Linux. I use the same Chromebook for school and I also put the Chromebook to sleep multiple times every day with no issues. I use Fedora Kinoite.

I guess if the laptop is constantly plugged in then this is a valid solution.