Hp Chromebook x360 won’t go into recovery mode (Dragonair)

Hey guys , I’m trying to get windows 11 on this machine , but it will not go into recovery mode , I did a powerwash still nothing , kind of stuck , thanks much


You might want to be more descriptive of the issue you’re facing. What did you do exactly? How is it failing? “Kind of stuck” is quite unhelpful. Provide error codes/logs, that will do more than just saying "it no work :frowning: "

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Oh alright my bad :sob:, so basically to put it into recovery mode I should press esc, refresh and power , it dosent want to go into recovery mode it boots normally, I’ve tested the keys with a keyboard tester online , it’s not enterprise locked or anything like that , there is a Google account on it , so I’m a bit confused, do you think chrome changed the way you get into recovery mode ? I even tried power + maximize + refresh , still nothing , I did disconnect the battery etc. I was also wondering if you could force it into recovery mode by removing the os ? Not sure how I’ll go by doing so.

um, why? you’re not going to be able to boot into recovery mode via keystroke with the battery disconnected

Oh I was just following the directions on the website , I had a power cord connected to the laptop to give it power , and attempted the keystroke but it still boot normally.

please link to those directions so they can be corrected. You need to enable developer mode before attempting to disable firmware WP via battery disconnect

Windows Install Helper.

When I go to the link it brings u to the start so here is a image below and May I ask , what is the correct way ?

  • enable developer mode
  • shut down / disconnect battery
  • boot and run firmware script / flash firmware

Okay thanks much , and to enter dev mode you have to do the keystrokes correct , but with the battery connected ? If so I just attempted it and it still won’t go into recovery.

to enter Developer Mode, you have to boot to Recovery Mode, yes.

Try pressing and releasing all 3 keys simultaneously, or pressing/holding ESC+Refresh then press/release power, wait 3-5s, then release the other two keys

Just attempted, it still boots normally:(