HP Chromebook Plus (YAVIKS) stuck on coreboot logo while attempting to legacy boot EndeavourOS LiveUSB

Trying to test out Linux before I decide to buy a SuzyQ. However, I’ve come across problems. Firstly, pressing Ctrl+L on the devmode boot screen after patching the RW_LEGACY firmware will result in “Something went wrong launching the alternate bootloader. View firmware log for details.” (I don’t know where firmware log is found.) So I instead use the GUI option “Select alternate bootloader.” After this, I select edk2. It goes to the coreboot logo. There are three cases:

  1. EndeavourOS LiveUSB made via dd - Freezes immediately on coreboot logo.

  2. EndeavourOS LiveUSB made via ventoy - Coreboot logo and instructions for boot options appear. When instructions disappear, freezes on coreboot logo.

  3. No USB plugged in - Works normally. Pressing escape brings me to boot options. Not pressing escape brings me to UEFI shell. Typing ‘exit’ returns me to boot options. Can insert USB at this point and it will be picked up by the menu. HOWEVER, attempting to boot from it results in a black screen.

Anyone know what’s happening here?

EDIT: Additionally, the LiveUSB is confirmed to work on another laptop. Both dd and ventoy methods were tested. Neither show up on my main computer that has CSM disabled.

EDIT2: I found the firmware log. Not sure if I can copypaste it and it’s a real pain in the ass to read. Here are a couple things that come after initiating the depthcharge, though:

CBFS: 'rw_locale_en.bin" not found.
load_archive: Failed to load rw_locale_en.bin (dir: 0x0, size: 806262984)

7 lines down:

payload_get_altfw_list: Supported alternate bootloaders:
1 edk2 altfw/edk2 edk2 UEFI bootloader
developer_boot_altfw_impl: Try booting from bootloader #0
CBFS ERROR: ‘payload’ not found in ‘RW_LEGACY’
Could not find ‘payload’.
payload_run_altfw: Could not find default altfw payload
payload_run_altfw: Could not find bootloader #0
developer_boot_altfw_impl: ERROR: Alternate bootloader failed

I don’t see anything of note in the rest of the log. Perhaps this helps someone more knowledgeable than me figure out what’s gone wrong.

there’s no log entries written for the edk2 payload, so looking at the cbmem log isn’t going to tell you anything.

sounds like you might have a device with UFS storage and no UFS support in the Live USB.

Can you boot Ubuntu 2404 written via dd?

Sorry for the wait. Was sleeping and then it took a while to get the LiveUSB made. Attempting to boot a Ubuntu 2404 LiveUSB made via dd has the same effect as attempting to boot the EndeavourOS LiveUSB made via dd. Worth noting that Ctrl+L still doesn’t work and I had to select the bootloader manually via GUI.

Just attempted with the latest OpenSUSE Tumbleweed as well. According to various online sources, OpenSUSE should have UFS R/W support. However, the behaviour is identical to the other LiveUSBs made with dd. Is it the case that no LiveUSB has UFS support?

no idea, it was a stab in the dark. There’s no way to get logging/debug info out of a payload with RWL/AltFw unless you have a serial/debug build of the stock firmware as well (which only exist inside Google)

Darn, okay. Well, Costco has a good returns policy. Might plonk this back over to them, see if I can find something more suitable for a similar price. Half the reason I bought this was for the high quality webcam since I have some teleinterviews coming up lol.

it’s possible it might work with the UEFI Full ROM, but hard to say.

can you pastebin the entire bios boot log from ChromeOS? can get it via chrome://system