HP Chromebook 14a (BLOOGLET) not booting after RW_LEGACY firmware installation

I decided to install the RW_LEGACY firmware on my HP Chromebook 14a (BLOOGLET) to make sure everything worked in Kubuntu on a USB drive before using the full rom firmware and installing it on the internal drive. I installed the firmware (the installation said it was successful), exited the terminal, and tried to shut down, however it stayed on a white screen. I unplugged the battery, and now the laptop won’t turn on. Is there any way to fix this?

never mind, i’m just stupid. i mashed enter, ctrl+l, and ctrl+d on startup, i walked away for a couple seconds, it beeped twice, i mashed enter more, and it booted.

for future reference, in case someone comes across this, see this part of the docs. this seems to be a geminilake issue, which the blooglet falls into.