HP chromebook 14 g3 what other OS can i isntall on it

i got a HP Chromebook 14 g3 for free and i want to use if for school for some reason and the chrome OS version its on is very old and outdated and doesn’t have an app store i want something like unbuntu or something i doubt it can run windows lol

Your Chromebook has the same processor. Unless you really like tinkering you’re better off using a different laptop.

so is there a way to get unbuntu on it? just curious now.

Did you read the post I linked to?

Your system is an ARM Chromebook, system type Nyan/Blaze.
Enable developer mode and boot this from SD, then dd the disk image again to the internal eMMC.
Remember to disable swap, as otherwise the SD will wear out quicker.
Login for this system is linux/changeme.

Alternatively there is this alternate distro. I do not recommend it, especially if you are used to Ubuntu.
But for completeness’ sake and for whoever stumbles upon this thread in the future, I will link it anyway:


Did you ever learn to actually be helpful instead of being an evasive jackass?

lol what you’re doing is not helpful when OP and 99% of average users aren’t going to bother with the guide you posted.

You didn’t even explain it properly anyway. Why are you assuming that people know what dd is? Did you even read the supported hardware table? Who the fuck wants to use Ubuntu on an underpowered Chromebook with no hardware acceleration?

I don’t know what I’m supposed to have done to make you attack me for no reason, but you do you bro.

forgot to mention in /scripts/ there are a few scripts to run before setup, namely expand rootfs and initial setup. this is important

postmarket expands rootfs for you automatically but imo alpine linux’s package system is absolute garbage

you can also run the system off SD instead of eMMC but I do not recommend this as in my case (on a different ARM chromebook) I have had random freezes