Hp Chromebook 11 G1 EE

hope you are doing good.
I am here to ask you about Hp Chromebook 11. My friend has bought quantity of these chromebooks and installed windows in all of them. Without even checking if all the drivers were available for it or not.
Everything works fine but the SOUND. Is there any way you can help?

hi i have had the same problem before but i have found a fix. when in the driver folder once downloaded you will see a folder named ‘gui’ in the folder you will see GenLicence application and you will have to click it and click allow when asking. Once its open click on generate unsigned license and save the file on your desktop (or anywhere if you want). once youve done that click on open licence portal and it will take you to coolstar license manager where you have downloaded the driver. Login and go to purchased licenses and click on the coolstar sof audio driver that you gave brought. upon opening you will see title called register licence and under it a subtitle saying unsigned license file. next to it click on choose file and select the unsigned licensed file that you saved on desktop or wherever you saved it, then write the device name of your chromebook (can find in settings :/system/about) then scroll down and you will see a button that says submit. After clicking that a file should be downloading called “sof_signedlicence.bin” once downloaded in the application gen license click on select signed license select the “sof_signedlicence.bin” then a message should appear saying " license succesfully installed reboot to activate" click ok then reinstall the sof audio driver and it should be working :slight_smile: